We Love Cats are a somewhat serious, badass Team in the vast world of PokéMMO that dedicate their entire existance to worshiping the one true being. Cats. According to them, no god exist except for the one of the almighty Cat.



Not to long ago on a LAN, a few lads decided that cats are indeed superior, and not to mention awesome. But here, they decided to take it further. And create a Team, dedicated to spreding their religion and punishing Herecy with an iron fist. They use the strength of Pokémon to help and spread this message. They also have clever bots placed to take over the internet, using cute kitties.


Some people claim, that becouse cats are not yet officially a part of the vast world of Pokémon, they shouldn't be worshipped as a true God. This is by the WLC considered acts of high treason and complete Herecy. Every Tuesday evening, you can witness the Team going on journeys, to raid the homes of these foul heretics. Although it has never been proven, WLC is in fact suspected for many acts of murders and the destruction of property.


  • DragonCoke
  • Lurterz
  • Clooney
  • GruntieBabe
  • KiBakUn (^.^)
  • DragonsAngel
  • Bonjw
  • BlueCookiesHeart