Virtual Eclipse is a new team on PokéMMO. It was originally founded and funded by ShadowYukio, but he instantly organized the team with a set of new members, chiefs and commanders. On this wiki, you'll find more about us and what we do in this world.

Who are we?

Virtual Eclipse is one of the many teams/groups on PokéMMO. Unlike many others, our goal is not just to become 'the very best'. We stride to change this world into a better one with Virtual Eclipse as ultimate leader over Pokémon and mankind.

Whilst our goal may seem unobtainable, we are already on our way. We will soon establish an HQ where we will plan our future missions.

Members & Staff

Just like every other team, also we have members and staff. Here's a list of our current staff:

  • Founder: ShadowYukio
  • Executive(s): Birandao
  • Commander(s): OldBarry
  • Officer(s): enraj
  • Member(s): -
  • Grunt(s): Gevin

"We will see you soon in this Virtual world."

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