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BrokenSpecs with his Noctowl, Darkwing.

Violet Vanguards

Violet Vanguards are people who want to better the PokeMMO community by offering support to anyone who needs it, whether it be looking for a certain item, or helping advance story. If you need help, find a Violet Vanguard, who can be distinguished by some article of violet clothing.

Vanguard Mentality

The reason the Violet Vanguards exist is to help other players of PokeMMO. Everyone on the game was new at some point, and see how different it is from the Pokemon games themselves. Others have never even played Pokemon before and just want to try to get their feet wet, but aren't sure how. The Vanguards recognize they were at both points once and moved on, and want to help other people do the same, so they are generally very approachable.


BrokenSpecs existed in game in some of PokeMMO's earlier days, and as such has seen a lot of changes in his time, and is still seeing them. The changes came quickly, and he knew he wasn't the only one who couldn't keep up. So he decided to build a team that would help others get accustomed to new situations in their games. The name came from the fact that BrokenSpecs likes using both Poison and Psychic type pokemon, so the color came very naturally. He's always ready to help out another player if they just ask. He can be usually found on Channel 2, but will branch out when he's doing various pokemon giveaways.