• Hey there. I didn't really know who I should address this to, but you seemed as likely as anyone else. I keep coming across moves that are suppossed to me a Physical attack(and thus run off the attack stat) that are acting as a Special attack, and vice-versa. I have no idea why, but I am positive it is happening. I have looked the moves up to double check, just in case I was wrong, but Bulbapedia comfirmed. Now, I do not know all the moves that may be messed up, but I have 3 of them for the powers that be. My Waterfall is counted as a special attack instead of Physical, my Dragon Claw is counted as a special attack instead of a Physical, and my Shadowball is being treated as a Physical, not special.

    This is a small detail, to an otherwise great game, but it does mess up Pokemon builds and what not. Thanks for reading, and again, you guys do a good job.

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    • well I'm just a regular Joe and i have that same problems too before, A GM responded to that question since we are in generation III Every move will be based on their TYPE's


      • Normal
      • Fighting
      • Flying
      • Ground
      • Rock
      • Bug
      • Ghost
      • Poison
      • Steel


      • Water
      • Grass
      • Fire
      • Ice
      • Electric
      • Psychic
      • Dragon
      • Dark

      "Waterfall (Water) & Dragon Claw (Dragon)" is a Special move as per Gen.3
      "Shadowball (Ghost)" is a Physical move as per Gen.3

      for more info see this link

      your observation is correct...

      and please do register so that we could build this community!

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