The PBI [xSPY]
Pokemon Bureau of Investigation



In-game Channels:


to the Pokemon Bureau of Investigation/PBI (xSPY)

Who we are?

Brief History: Created 12/8/2013

We are a family/organization mainly performing in the shadows. Here, team play is a must.

Vision and Mission: To become one of the coolest and most elite team in PokeMMO underground....


  • Collecting Pokemon intel thru any appropriate sources.
  • Providing in-game (undercover) investigations.
  • Engages in research and team development.
  • Looking to assist PokeMMO in its in-game community security and organization.
  • Applies strategic and tactical battles.

Members and Ranks:

Founder: AgentCBZ - Info CLASSIFIED.

Deputy Director: DarkMasterXI - Currently owns 19 level 100 competitive Pokes. Has vast pokemon experience.

Human Resources Director: imRioter - Competitive Pokemon Breeder specialist.

Chief Security Operator: jBeamer -  Skarmory user.


Dkingastro - Charizard user.

TheOldTimer - Tyranitar user with a cool profession. Likes to collect Adamant-natured pokes.

Sigfredo - Fire, Dragon and Dark pokemon manipulator.

BerkanOO - Fave poke types are Dragon and Electric.

Several Members...

...soon to add team units/departments!

Contact: AgentCBZ and fellow agents/members for more info or if you want to join...

  • Poke Line

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