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The League of Extraordinary Magikarp
Team leader(s):xrosetea, FrankIero and Trusty (MIA: ColonelXanders)
Date established:September 17th, 2012
In-game channel(s):N/A
Forum topic:link

We are a guild that is open to all members of the PokeMMO community. We are a casual guild which spends most of their time together on the PokeMMO Teamspeak. If you love Magikarp and are looking for other casuals to chat with, please consider joining LEM!

Our Teamspeak channel is called League of Extraordinary Magikarp, the first channel within The Round Table. We also own Lady Shanie's Fabulous Music Channel, an unlocked channel open to all the PokeMMO community, and the LEM Command Centre.

Since most of the members have been around since September-October, 2012, not many of us still actually play the game. However, we're always available to come online and give our friends a helping hand.


LEM was established by members that conversed on channel 1 back in the early days of September 2012. It was initially started by the following group of trainers (ColonelXanders, NintendoPSX, IceMyr, ItsAEric, lysergic, MrChiddy). A meeting was held in the Fisherman's House in Vermilion City (home of the old rod which is the greatest tool any LEM member would ever require, thus the one limitation on progress required to join the guild). The rules for the meetings simply required bringing your Magikarp to the meeting and have it following you. These meetings where held on a weekly basis and were run by the ranking officials of the guild. Eventually a TeamSpeak server was offered by PokeMMO for all to use and this tool became the new foundation for LEM. Now LEM members are mainly active on TeamSpeak and converse with one another about Pokemon related topics, along with other things as it is a more casual guild.

As the guild grew it was determined that a different system would be required to manage all of the members. Thus a council was formed after disassembling the initial heirarchy established at the first meeting. This allowed for quick decisions with more basic daily tasks and then a group discussion on more pertinent issues. This also allowed the officials to continue to maintain order even if one person left. The change to a council also gave the members a chance to vote for who they wanted to manage/moderate the guild.


One of the main events that took place for LEM members was the KARP parade. Basically all members grabbed their majestic Magikarp and went to a city. Once there you would take your Magikarp out and start saying karp puns or just KARP in channel chat. Then the members would head from town to town sharing the word of Magikarp to all fellow trainers on channel 1. 

Another event that was held on occasion was Hide-N-Seek throughout the Kanto region. Any members that were active and interested would partake in these games when board of doing other Pokemon related things. 

The biggest event planned by LEM would be the LEM League. The idea for the league was started by NintendoPSX and the league was established for one season by IceMyr. This league was based off the Kanto League, but with there being no level cap on the challengers (ie. A level 100 league). Challengers would have to register and then face a variety of Gym leaders with a form of monotype restriction on their team. Once the challenger defeated enough Gym leaders they would then qualify to challenge the Elite Four members of the league. All challengers that defeated each of the Elite Four members then qualified for the Champion's Tournament which would determine who was the Champion of the LEM League for that season. 

Current Members

LEM is always open for application. Because we don't spend much time in-game any more, we don't require that you join the in-game team, nor do we care how many other teams you are in. As long as you are a member on our website , you will get the password to our Teamspeak channel and become a member of LEM.

Leaders: ColonelXanders (MIA), xrosetea, FrankIero, Trusty

Members: ultra, TheShallowGrave, Graffix, Rae, Kninky, Giygas, Ssin, Sparksy, Archie, TJXD, Lorien, Evesa, Nightwing, JTRedneck, ItzDizzy, SpAzArDoUs and AlexMNH.

Honorary Seat for Rose: Winterbrah('s face)

Player Teams?

Research Teams:
The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

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