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Team Vortex
Team Vortex Logo
Team leader(s):Yoshibrothers, Nitrothehedgehog
Date established:23/10/12, 11/18/12(Officially)
In-game channel(s):1
Forum topic:[ link]

Team Vortex is a team in PokeMMO. The team's current goals are to catch 'em all and to become number one. This team started before the November 13th update.






Members(Before 11/18/12)

Yoshibrothers, Nitrothehedgehog, StiNkYy, WhyWhy, DamonFelt, MegaPokeGuru, Sindack, junkymonkey, Linkdude, astex, McBerryCrunch, iMason

Members(As of 11/18/12)

Yoshibrothers, StiNkYy, Rewas, LivinLouD, XHekyX, forman, shakezulla, semki, Stripeddinos, TaigyKing, Farann

Current Base of Operations

Our current base is in cerulean cave.


We will take anybody, as long as you train your pokemon while you can, as they won't last forever(hence the reason why we are in Lavender Town, to pay our respects to pokemon)


Guild members can battle and trade, as well as play the game together.


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