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Team Goals and Specialities

Thunderpunch follows L.T Surge and focus on training electric type pokemon as they are the oncoming storm, but beacause there aren't many. Other pokemon are allowed to be used such as :- Steel, Normal, Flying and Fighting as these pose no real threat to our orginisation. 

Our goals are to overthrow Kanto and claim it as our own, using only electric pokemon (So we are essentially the third team to Magma and Aqua in a way) we will pave the way for a new age, The Rise Of The Punch we are happy to challenge anyone who comes between us and our goals. Esepcially ground type marauders.

New members receive a free electric pokemon upon entry, to really boost our forces a sort of starter pokemon, those pokemon are :- 

Pikachu (Holding thunderstone)

Magnemite - Magneton



All members must carry their electric pokemon at all times ...

Thunderpunch Mighty Thunderpunch Strong Thunderpunch ROCK


Founder/Current Leader :- RetroD

Officers :- MrGrumps, WoodenFarts, HarmNorder, blodgett, crazychipmunk and Ultimatechris

Members :- 50+ and Growing

Current Base of Operations/Recruitment Center

Vermilion City Pc, 2nd floor Channel 2 (Possible movement to power plant as new home, for obvious reasons)

Recruitment is easy, talk to one of the [Pnch] Members dotted around kanto and you too could become part of the uprising

Good luck new recruits

Allowed Pokemon 


Mareep - Flaafy - Ampharos

Voltorb - Electrode

Magnemite -Magneton

Pikachu - Raichu

Eevee - Jolteon



Scyther - Scizor

Pineco - Forettress


Aron - Lairon - Aggron

Spearow - Fearow

Ratata -Raticate

Sentret - Furret

Dratini - Dragonair - (No dragonites)

Horsea - Seadra - Kingdra



Machop - machoke - machamp

Mankey - Primeape 

Poliwag - Poliwhirl - Poliwrath/Politoed

Rules of the Team

these are some simple rules to follow whilst on the team. 

1) Always have your starter electric or an electric pokemon on you at all times, we are an electric team, try showing kanto we mean business

2) No bullying or harrassing other members or anyone for that matter i wont have it.

3) No begging for trades or items, if said person doesnt want to trade thats it, they have said no once dont annoy them further more by following them around.

4) Have fun, im not here to ruin anyones fun, just to rule kanto with a Thunderfist 

5) NO GROUND TYPES :C i cant stress that point enough, they have the advantage over us so i dont want anyone to have any at all.


Team members can gain information, Trade and battle other members at will. (Infomation meaning how to do certain parts of the game.)


Big electrical battle storm:- winners (MrGrumps, Blodgett and Crazychipmunk)


Lil battle tourney :D

Big Thunderrun Race spectacular :- Coming Soon

Big electrical Battle Storm Round 2 :- Coming soon


Team Flamethrower