TheEscrotos is a spanish team made by Bozork and Bergstorm.This is an article regarding an in-game team. It may not conform to the tone or format of a standard Wiki article.

Team TheEscrotos
Team leader(s):Bergstorm


Date established:22/1/2013
In-game channel(s):5
Forum topic:[no link]

The team has been foundated to people that want increase of social live.

TheEscrotos team have funny members.

  • Bergstorm: Blastoise; Ursaring; Gengar; Umbreon; Scizor.
  • Bozork: Charizard, Metapod; Golduck, Lapras, Rapidash.
  • Frantoto: Charmander, Magmar, Horsea.

If you want to join in, send a private message to Bergstorm or Bozork.



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