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Dragon Pokemon Jamboree by magnifulouschicken
Team leader(s):not specified
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Team SacredDragons is a small team in PokeMMO.They were abandoned by Torunka and Ifraid and we're made famous by them. The guild has become even more popular by its new members.

Previous Leaders

Co-Leader: Torunka

Co-Leader: Ifraid

The new members are unknown and they are very secretive, they are allies with KOB

How To Join

If you find someone in the guild either ask them to recruit you or get them to notice you

Player Teams

Competitive Teams: CompuBoys, UltimateWarriors, Evolution, Fuck Yeah Seaking, LYLE, MISC, Revolution, Team Bushido, Team Bong, Team Wailord, Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

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