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Team Költ is a community PokéMMO Team founded by Argentine users LycanMessiah and SimplyMatt. They're currently inactive because of real life compromises, but might be found online if an update just came out.

The only requirements for being a member of the team are owning a Tuxedo and wearing both a red hat and a red backpack. You can be part of the team even if you don't have those, but not without the condition of get them at some point.

The founding members LycanMessiah and SimplyMatt both have an almost complete Pokédex in the game, either owning or having owned most of the Pokemon that are/were available (only exceptions being Gulpin and Mewtwo). Lycan in particular OWNS all obtainable Pokémon at level 25 or higher, including all members of each evolutionary line and all available forms of Unown, and only barring the two Pokémon mentioned before.

Current members:

  • LycanMessiah (leader; founding member)
  • SimplyMatt (officer; founding member)
  • MikeVandemark (officer)
  • Asspero
  • Kangrejo
  • MineTurtleMan
  • BlackSkrillex
  • DarknessFades
  • ElPeco
  • Cusse
  • Nachooooo

SimplyMatt's Battle Team

Rather than going by IVs and Natures and stuff, SimplyMatt's Team consists of Pokémon that he either liked or thought would be useful during his journey. Might rotate with other Pokémon he's trying to evolve for Pokédex completion.

  • Charizard
  • Dewgong
  • Raichu
  • Pidgeot
  • Machamp
  • Dragonite

LycanMessiah's Team

Lycan doesn't have a fixed Battle Team, rather choosing to have a rotating team. However there are two Pokémon he always has by his side:

  • Blastoise (core battler of the team)
  • Pidgeot (for flying)
Player Teams?

Research Teams:
The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

Competitive Teams:
None currently listed.?

Social Teams:
None currently listed.?

Breeding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Grinding Teams:
None currently listed.?

Criminal Teams:
None currently listed.?

Collector Teams:
None currently listed.?