Team Logo

  Welcome to the team! (will be updated reugularly for fixes)

About The Team

Team Jeweled Sages (or can be called T.J.S for short) Is a team built to let players have fun and socialize with its members without any harassment from among them.

Team Leader: PCGAMERX   Pokemon:Pikachu

Officers: (Currently there are none message Leader to qualify)                                                                                                                                

(The Team is new so not much information is to be said about T.J.S.)

If you would like to join, Message either an Officer or the Team Leader

Code of Conduct

Members shall not harass, bully, or make fun of member in any way. Anyone who does so shall be either blocked or will be expelled from Team.

Always try your best to answer another members question as honestly as possible.

Please. DO NOT SPAM the team with absurd messages. If it is a question please wait patiently for someone to answer or whisper either the leader or any officer if needed. If we can't help you then, on POKEMMO go to MENU>FAQ  or go to  MENU>SUPPORT REQUEST.

No one like a sore-loser. Remember to play fair, have fun, and congratulate each other when either winning, or losing a match.

This is the most important: ALWAYS REMEMBER TO HAVE FUN

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