Team Grenaders is a small community of players created specifically for world domination. They have attacked a few towns in the past, but are supposedly planning a large-scale invasion of all of kanto. No matter what level you are, they will attack you if you step into their territory. They are relentless and do not give up, meaning that they are very dangerous and to be avoided at all costs.

Our Base Of Operations

Grenaders HQ is based in Celadon Mansion Floor 2, 3 and the Roof on Channel 8. If they catch you in any part of their HQ, they will attack without hesitation. BE WARNED.


Team Grenaders was established on the 15th January 2013. The second member, Blaineisepic, joined the Team
Official Grenaders Logo

The official logo of Team Grenaders.

within the first minute, after trying to trade his Larvitar for the current leader's Ivysaur. Their 3rd member, cubing, joined them in celadon after they set up HQ. He was eliminated from the Team for inactivity.

Recently adopted a ranking system. Lowest to highest-

Private, Corporal, Sargeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General, Grenader and finally Chief Grenader. All members start as privates, all officers start as captains. To become a grenader, you must battle the leader, Decrypt. Look out for a black top hat and cape.

UNLESS YOU WISH TO JOIN THEIR RANKS, KEEP AWAY FROM THEIR BASE. {Bomb} is the logo you should look for. They enjoy joking around and do not always take their goals seriously. They are NOT to be challenged.