Team FlaminDragon



Core Staff

BurritoDan, Kagai

Other Staff

FlaminDragonBos, UncleDave, Aaereon, Cheesememe, Latko, TaiLin


August 2nd, 2016

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A Brief History, and "Why are you called Team FlaminDragon?"

Originally, Team FlaminDragon was founded by a now not very active user called FlaminDragonBos; he simply named the team after himself, that's all there is to it. He was the team's Boss for only a short while; when Team FlaminDragon started growing into a proper little community and was in need of a Boss willing to take a more serious leadership role, his (and our) friend BurritoDan took over as Team FlaminDragon's Boss, serving as an excellent and very well-liked leader to the growing team.

We grew over time, both competitive players as well as newbies coming together to join the team. Ultimately, not all too long ago, BurritoDan realized that he's not quite active and passionate enough anymore to truly function as the team's Boss. Thus he decided he should step down and name a successor. His decision fell on the (then-Executive) user Esterina.

This brings us to the present; Team FlaminDragon keeps growing, also having recently started hosting regular team events (see below) on weekends, and is more active than ever before.

The Core Staff

Boss Esterina

There's actually two people behind that nickname, one of them being the main user while the other one only occasionally plays the game. Ingame, they will take care to make clear which of the two of them it is.


Felix, the team's actual Boss, who has many years of experience as a raid guild admin in several MMOs, and is also one of the team's strongest competitive players. He is very active and can be found ingame at many times around the clock. He's also always willing to help out and give advice, and while he properly enforces community rules strictly, he is nonetheless known as a relaxed person who jokes around a lot with the members. As a competitive player, he focuses solely on the OU-tier.

Esterina (Rina)

The other person playing the "Esterina" character is his girlfriend Esterina (usually just called Rina), who only plays occasionally and isn't all that well-versed in competitive play. Though she may play the same character, she does, in fact, not function as a second Boss to the team, but instead just has more of a community moderator-esque position. Her personality can easily be said to be more serious than that of Felix, and she will often be much stricter, but that shouldn't be mistaken for trying to be harsh. She doesn't play the game competitively or even very regularly, as mentioned above, but when she does play then she uses Felix' team, and knows to use it surprisingly well.

Executive (and former Boss) BurritoDan

BurritoDan is Team FlaminDragon's former Boss, before he handed that position to Felix. He's quite well-versed in competitive OU-tier play and, during his time as the team's Boss, took great care of our little community, earning him great sympathy among the members, and while he is now less active in the game than he once was, he still always has an open ear, and quite a competitive mindset (especially when dueling the team's new Boss). His retirement as the Boss hit everyone hard due to him being so well-liked, but even though he is now less active, he continues to be a member of the team to this day.

Executive Kagai

Kagai is one of the first members of Team FlaminDragon. He knows his way around the game mechanics and the competitive scene quite well, and has proven to be a very well-liked and helpful Executive. Be it advice for a newbie, a second opinion on a competitive member's team or just a stupid joke in the team chat, he tends to deliver.

Other Staff

Executive FlaminDragonBos (former Boss)

Commander UncleDave

Commander Aaereon

Commander Latko

Commander TaiLin

Commander MrBeautiful

Officers (VIP Members)



Members (updated Oct. 5th, 2016)

TheFourthCrayon, Ameryuu, DeeKayPLL, Schoop, StealthKitty, HongyuDuan, Mewsowner, Zullxx, DyGamerHD, scorpinxp, ArtifDemon, Manifesterr, AppleGodApple, RampageLeo, Chucaro, YoloAndSlum, IndigoTiger, luderkarmur, KakashiOfLeaf, tursapawg, Snukers, Temporalities, Huntsmour, CptFnarf, KareemRishon, MrBarbarian, Trafi, buttercream

Community Rules

- While we have no hard age restrictions, a certain degree of general maturity is expected of all members

- We don't expect everyone from around the world to speak English perfectly, but we are an English-speaking team, so it's a given that our members have to be able to communicate properly in English

- We don't tolerate spamming, racially or sexually insensitive behavior, harrassment, arrogant elitism, people playing "meme commander" etc. (In short: We don't tolerate people trying to turn the team chat into the Channel 1 chat.)

- We clean up "dead members" regularly; 30 days of inactivity without prior notice will lead to a kick

- Cheating, also including attempted cheating, in team events (see below) will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and counts as a violation of our community rules

- Violating our community rules will first lead to a warning, then to a demotion to Grunt

- Grunt-rank members who violate our community rules are kicked from the team, while continued good behavior will lead to being promoted back to Member-rank

Team Member Ranks

Boss (Staff Rank)

Administrator / team leader

Executive (Staff Rank)

Moderator with kick-rights

Commander (Staff Rank)

Moderator without kick-rights

Officer (Normal Member Rank)

VIP team member

Member (Normal Member Rank)

Normal team member

Grunt (Normal Member Rank)

Team member who received a second warning; any more Community Rules violations lead to a kick, while continued good behavior leads to a promotion back to Member-rank

Team Events

Team FlaminDragon sometimes hosts team events, usually on Saturdays at 7:30 pm Eastern Time. These serve mainly to motivate newer players to work on their teams and be active, and they can be a wide variety of things, ranging from NU-tier team tourneys to Safari hunting competitions.

To motivate people to participate and, more importantly, to help kickstart newer members' teams, these events usually have noteworthy amounts of money or even fully raised competitive OU-tier Pokémon as prizes.

There are also competitive OU-tier team tourneys, but they take place more rarely seeing as how we generally want these events to be accessible to everyone, and to focus on motivating and helping newer players to be active and competitive.

Staff Guidelines

- All staff members are expected to be online at least two times per week (the more the better)

- Team event attendance isn't mandatory, but strongly desired

- Functioning, in a responsible and reliable manner, as team chat moderators is expected of all staff members


- Full administrative rights


- May and should invite new members of their own accord

- May and should give warnings of their own accord

- May and should kick members of their own accord


- May and should invite new members of their own accord

- May and should give warnings of their own accord

- When a kick is necessary, Commanders are to whisper, or mail if necessary, the Boss and Executives about the details in a timely manner

Join Us!

As made clear above, we welcome newbies and competitive players alike, and we're always glad to see more people join our team.

Hit up the Boss or one of our Executives or Commanders ingame if you're interested in joining!

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