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Joining Team Evolve

To join Team Evolve, apply at this forum thread:

Subteams of Team Evolve

Team Evolve has 3 subteams - A-Team, B-Team and C-Team. Every trainer is placed within one of these divisions upon joining, and each group represents the skill of the trainers within it. It is possible to move up the rankings - say, for example, that person A was in B-Team. If Person A consistently did well in tournaments and was proved to be a great trainer, Person A would be able to rank up to A-Team.

Members of Team Evolve

Members of Team Evolve are listed on the thread.

Current Base

The current base of Team Evolve is the Pewter City Pokemon Centre's 2nd floor, channel 2.

Player Teams

Competitive Teams: CompuBoys, UltimateWarriors, Evolution, Fuck Yeah Seaking, LYLE, MISC, Revolution, Team Bushido, Team Bong, Team Wailord, Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

Community Teams: Team Blackoutt, Team Evolve, Team Skull, Team Lyra, Team Sanctuary, The Cobalt Knights, The League of Extraordinary Magikarp, The Pokemon Bureau of Investigation/PBI(xSPY), Team Költ

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