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Team leader(s):not specified
Date established:not specified
In-game channel(s):not specified
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Arcy Team Logo Temp

 Team Anarchy ==

Team Anarchy (ARCY) was founded in kanto by Aurui

Its leader is Aurui

Its subleader is Immortal Godzilla.

They have claimed the celadon hotel on channel 4 as there base

Members list

Auriei - leader

ImortalGodzilla (Zilla)-subleader

Screenshot 1373124006

Setsunaxx At Team Anarchy base on ch 4

Aexie - Member

noxmercy - Member

Faggle - Member

UnicornBaws - Member

TsumikiAdminNya - Member

Setsunaxx (Setsu) - Member

xxMonkey (key) - Member

Kenozy - member

Helshred - Member

ReneGV - member

ShyKiller (shy) - Member

RedSilve - Member

KichiroTanaka - Member

StephanBattle - Member

Babysefus (Ethan) - Member

DanielMoose - Member

Yuseyo - Member

Sadarot - Member

Thorstil - Members

Glub - Member

mortyzilla (Mort) - Member

Gakistal - Member

Ashroyal - Members

MinerKombat - Members

xxAquaXXx - Member

jasonnm - Member

spiderextremei - Member

Greenw - Member

McChamp ( Mitch) - Member


Player Teams

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Community Teams: Team Blackoutt, Team Evolve, Team Skull, Team Lyra, Team Sanctuary, The Cobalt Knights, The League of Extraordinary Magikarp, The Pokemon Bureau of Investigation/PBI(xSPY), Team Költ


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