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Taylor in his newest outfit outside of Celadon PC. Two other players behind him can be seen. 03/04/2015

TaylorManton is a character on TaylorManton1's account. The other character on this account is AbagailManton; Taylor Manton's twin sister.


Taylor(Manton) started his journey in Littleroot Town in the Hoenn Region by saving Professor Birch from a wild Zigzagoon. He chose Mudkip as his Starter Pokemon.

Taylor defeated Roxanne with his captured Shroomish. He then went on to catch Taillow, Skitty, Whismur, Abra and Aron.

Screenshot 1427630982

TaylorManton heals his Pokemon after the Dewford Town Gym Battle

Taylor defeated Brawly with his Taillow and Mudkip, which then evolved into Marshtomp after the battle. Afterwards Taylor arrived in Slateport City and defeated Team Aqua at the Oceanic Museum.

Taylor then decided to head towards the Kanto Region. There he met a new rival, Dallas, and learned that controlling his Pokemon may be harder than he first thought.

Taylor received a Charmander from Professor Oak. Taylor caught a Rattata on ROUTE 22 and he caught a Weedle in Viridian Forest that has since become a Beedrill before his battle against Brock. Taylor caught a Pidgey on ROUTE 25 and then went on to defeat Misty.

Taylor's Taillow evolved into Swellow in MT. MOON. His Charmander evolved on ROUTE 5 and his Abra and Shroomish both evolved on the S.S. Anne.


TaylorManton as of 31/03/2015

Taylor made his way south of Cerulean and left his Beedrill at the Day-Care so that it could get even stronger. Taylor then went on to Vermilion City and on board the S.S. Anne. After defeating his rival Dallas and getting HM01 CUT from the captain, Taylor resumed his training for the Vermilion Gym. He captured an Ekans on ROUTE 4 and evolved his Skitty with the MOON STONE he acquired in MT. MOON.

After defeating Lt. Surge, Taylor boarded the ferry to Hoenn and returned to Slateport City. He then travelled to ROUTE 110 heading towards Mauville City. After witnessing the end of a battle that the player Bleijoch was having in front of Slateport Pokemon Centre TaylorManton decided to challenge him after healing. The battle took place on ROUTE 109 and the victor was Taylor, with him only using four Pokemon; Ekans, Kadabra, Charmeleon and Marshtomp. Only Ekans and Kadabra fainted. Taylor asked Bleijoch to join Tays Team of Heroes, but he refused.

Whilst battling MEG and ANNA on ROUTE 117, Taylor's Pidgey evolved into Pidgeotto. Taylor also caught an Illumise and Volbeat and gave them to the Day-Care Man in Hoenn in order for him to have them create an egg. Taylor took this egg with him, which then hatched into Volbeat on ROUTE 110.

Taylor went back to the Kanto Region to see how his Beedrill was doing. Seeing that Beedrill had been adequately trained, Taylor took Beedrill back from the Kanto Day-Care Man and gave him Volbeat to raise. Once back in Vermilion City Taylor challenged Eminsky to a duel, but was defeated with ease by the master trainer.

After returning to Hoenn Taylor continued training for his Gym Battle against Gym Leader Wattson in Mauville City. Whilst training on ROUTE 118 his Whismur evolved into Loudred. Afterwards Taylor defeated Wattson. He went on to ROUTE 111 where he captured a Geodude. Taylor continued his journey through FIERY PATH and continued to train primarily with Geodude, preparing for the Lavaridge Town Gym Battle. Taylor passed through Fallarbor Town after teaching Pidgeotto SECRET POWER so as to make a Secret Base.

At Meteor Falls Taylor encountered Team Magma for the first time, and he ran into Team Aqua again. Learning that the two villainous teams would be heading towards MT. CHIMNEY, Taylor decided to go as well. On his way, through ROUTE 115, his Geodude evolved into Graveler.

On ROUTE 117, on his way to MT. CHIMNEY, Taylor stopped in at the Day-Care Centre. Seeing that his Rattata and Ekans had been thoroughly trained by that time, he took them back from the Day-Care Lady and left Breloom in their place, vowing to retrieve him before the battle against Norman in Petalburg City.

After defeating Team Magma, including their leader Maxie, Taylor continued down to JAGGED PASS. There, his Rattata evolved into Raticate battling Hiker Eric's Baltoy. After arriving in Lavaridge Town, Taylor decided that Aron needed some more intense, one-on-one training that he himself could not give him if he is to stand a chance against Norman later on, so he returned to the Day-Care near Mauville City and left Aron there with Breloom.

Deciding to go to Celadon City in Kanto rather then going back to Lavaridge Town was easy, as it meant that Breloom and Aron had more time at the Day-Care Centre. So Taylor went back to Kanto and travelled through ROCK TUNNEL to Lavender Town. From there, Taylor made his way to the UNDERGROUND PATH and took it to Celadon City.

In Celadon City he received a female Eevee from an apparent master strategist. Whilst fighting Team Rocket in Celadon City's Game Corner Taylor challenged the player "Aarken" to a duel. Taylor put up a valiant fight, defeating two of Aarken's far superior Pokemon.

After defeating Team Rocket in Celadon City by defeating Giovanni, Taylor found the Silph Scope in the Team Rocket Hideout. He returned to Lavender Town and entered the POKeMON TOWER to find Mr. Fuji. Taylor defeated his rival, Dallas, there, and caught two new Pokemon; a female Cubone and a male Gastly.

In Saffron City Taylor defeated the dojo trainers and earned himself a Hitmonlee. On ROUTE 16, after defeating both Snorlax blocking paths in Kanto, Taylor battled several trainers, including Cue Ball Camron. Whilt battling his Mankey and Machop, Taylor's Marshtomp evolved into Swampert. On the next route, ROUTE 17, Taylor's Charmeleon defeated Biker Vigil's Koffing and two Weezing, giving Charmeleon enough experience to evolve into Charizard.

Whilst training on ROUTE 7, Taylor was challenged by the trainer doggyowo. Taylor's Eevee was defeated by the other trainer's Charmeleon, but Taylor's Swampert then defeated the other trainer's Pidgeotto, Gyarados, Butterfree, Masquerain, Growlithe and Charmeleon with ease. The two became friends afterwards and doggyowo became the second member of Tay Team of Heroes, after Taylor himself.

In Celadon City Taylor had three battles and lost all three. They were against PretoValho, DragoRyJin and his friend Sarch, twice. Sarch, being the great friend that he has become, and a master trainer, helped Taylor to evolve his Kadabra and Graveler by trading his Lapras for them, and then trading the duo back.

Taylor went to the Kanto Day-Care Centre and swapped his now trained Volbeat with his Hitmonlee. Back in Hoenn, Taylor swapped Aron and Breloom for Gastly and Cubone. He went on to Lavaridge Town and FINALLY battled Flannery, with Taylor defeating the Fire-Type Gym Leader with ease. He then received a Wynaut egg from a lady near the Lavaridge Town Hot Springs.

On his way back to Petalburg City to battle Norman Tayloe pased through Rusturf Tunnel, where his egg hatched into a female Wynaut.


Taylor started the team "Tays Team of Heroes" during his journey in the Kanto Region.

Tay's Team of Heroes Members:

  • TaylorManton: Boss, Founder
  • doggyowo: Member

Current Location

Celadon City, Kanto.


In Rotation

Pokemon Type Image

Mudkip ->

Marshtomp ->




Shroomish ->



Taillow ->




Whismur ->


Aron Steel/Rock

Abra ->

Kadabra ->



Charmander ->

Charmeleon ->



Rattata ->



Weedle ->

Kakuna ->



Pidgey ->


Ekans Poison

Volbeat Egg ->



Geodude ->

Graveler ->


Eevee Normal

Wynaut Egg ->



Permanently at Home

Pokemon Type Image

Skitty ->



In Training

Kanto Day-Care

Pokemon Type Image



Hoenn Day-Care

Pokemon Type Image



Cubone Ground

Traded Away

Pokemon Type Image
Volbeat Bug
Illumise Bug
Lapras (Sarch's) Water/Ice

Defeated Users

  • Bleijoch
  • Doggyowo

Defeated By

  • Eminsky
  • Aarken
  • PretoVelho
  • DracoRuJin
  • Sarch (x2)


  • Stone Badge (Defeated Roxanne's Geodude, Geodude and Nosepass with Shroomish. Rustboro City Gym.)
  • Knuckle Badge (Defeated Brawly's Machop, Meditite and Makuhita with Taillow and Mudkip, whom evolved into Marshtomp. Dewford Town Gym.)
  • Boulder Badge (Defeated Brock's Geodude and Onix with Marshtomp.)
  • Cascade Badge (Defeated Misty's Staryu and Starmie with Beedrill and Shroomish.)
  • Thunder Badge (Defeated Lt. Surge's Voltorb, Pikachu and Raichu with Marshtomp.)
  • Dynamo Badge (Defeated Wattson's Voltorb, Magneton, Manectric and Electrike with Loudred, Marshtomp and Charmeleon, with none of Taylor's Pokemon fainting.)
  • Heat Badge (Defeated Flannery's Numel, Torkoal, Camerupt and Slugma with Aron, Swampert and Golem, with none of Taylor's Pokemon fainting.)


  • Catch 'Em All!
    • Particularly Aipom
  • Either have an Alakazam or get another Trade Evolution for Kadabra (When Abra evolves)
  • Swampert. Enough said.
  • Defeating both the Hoenn League and the Kanto League, as well as defeating Team Aqua, Team magma and Team Rocket.
  • Making friends with anyone and everyone!
  • Being the very best, like no one ever was.


  • TaylorManton is named after the username, TaylorManton1, which in turn is named after the player, Taylor Manton.
  • Taylor's sister Abagail (commonly referred to as Abby) plays on AbagailManton on the TaylorManton1 account.
  • Whilst TaylorManton started in Hoenn, AbagailManton began her journey in Kanto.
  • TaylorManton's journey began on the 29th of March, 2015.
  • TaylorManton is from country Australia.
  • His school laptop has everything on the internet unblocked, which allows him to play PokeMMO on it.
  • Taylor has two members permanently in his team. These are Swampert and Charizard.

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