Team Tag



Founded by KojimaShigure and Raseruu, SABLETOOTH will guide its members and lead them to become competitors and more experienced players.

Simple Goal

To look for the weakest of the weak and bring out the best in them.


If you're interested and one of them, there are only three rules to become a member:

  • Stay active
  • Be yourself
  • Be Loyal

How can you bring out the best in yourself if you're not even playing, trying to be a fake, or leaving the team for no reason?

This is also open for any player, weak or strong, still everyone has their weaknesses.


To Join, just fill out these, Send them to me via Message or email me at and you'll be on your way to a Team that will guide you and become the best you can be.

  1. IGN(In-Game Name):
  2. Hobbies(In Real Life):
  3. Hobbies(In-Game):
  5. Dislikes:

*Be honest, in order for us to communicate & understand each other well enough In-Game.


For any related questions, create an account and just Send me a Message here:

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