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Pokemon All Stars
Team leader(s):Teepo
Date established:
In-game channel(s):2 or 3
Forum topic:[ link]

"We are a group made out of strength and competive leaders."


The team is getting edited. Please Stand By!


Welcome Recruits!

We are recruiting the best of the best.This team has top players from everywhere.The level we recomend to join is 32-100.Lv 50 and above will be our Generals. For more info look into the Classes section. Our objective is to recruit the best players and rule PokeMMO! I also do special giveways to Members of the All Stars.Every month I will give a special pokemon. For non-members you have to find me to get the giveaways.

Classes for Members

Cavalier-  for Recruits You get news about the team,21% chance for rare pokemon at weekly raffles.Gets 99 pokeballs for 2 months

Cleric/Priest- for Recruits You get news about the team,30%chance for rare pokemon at weekly raffles. Gets 99 greatballs for 2 months. Free uncommon items 50%.

Knight- for Recruits You get news about the team 28% chance for rare pokemon at weekly raffles Gets 99 greatballs for 2 months. Free uncommon items 100%.

Advanced Classes

King-advanced  34%chance for rare pokemom at weekly raffles. Gets 99 ultraballs for 1 month.Gets to advertise the team. Must have a level requirement Lv50. Get 200/53245 out of the Shiny raffles.

Lords-founders only Gets to command the team. Has every command.

When was this team established?

It was established by TeepoZ. The date was 5/23/2013.



The Maleficent(me)(admin) 2nd in command

PandaMikuZ (admin) 3rd in command

Looking for recruits

Admins pokemon

Player Teams

Competitive Teams: CompuBoys, UltimateWarriors, Evolution, Fuck Yeah Seaking, LYLE, MISC, Revolution, Team Bushido, Team Bong, Team Wailord, Veni Vidi Vici Vixi

Community Teams: Team Blackoutt, Team Evolve, Team Skull, Team Lyra, Team Sanctuary, The Cobalt Knights, The League of Extraordinary Magikarp, The Pokemon Bureau of Investigation/PBI(xSPY), Team Költ


Channel 3: Team Rocket Hideout;Last Floor

Channel 2:Lost Cave Hideout 

For new recruits:

Channel 3: The pond next to Bill's house.

Channel 2: Pewter City Museum 


ACTIVE (Teepo 4/14)

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