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Welcome to the PokeMMO Wiki!

PokeMMO is a fan-made MMORPG based on
the 3rd generation of GameFreak's popular Pokémon video game franchise.

This wiki serves as a database for all things
related to the project.

We currently have 159 articles... and we're writing more all the time!

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PokeMMO Changelog

Latest Changelog: 25/6/13

  • Initial PvP Matchmaking is now available on the upper levels of every Pokécenter.
  • The Daycares in Route 5 and Four Island are now open for business.
  • Initial Day/Night spawn implementations.
  • The sound engine has been reworked.
  • A Mystery Box has been added to the Celadon Prize Corner as a reward for gamblers.
  • Players may now use the in-game Support Request system to directly report things to Game Masters, report issues, and request support for various issues.
  • The default theme has been updated.
  • PC Box refinement.
  • Party frame refinement.
  • Summary refinement.
  • Dex refinement
  • Updated the Trade Window GUI to be more explicit as to what you are trading for.
  • DS-style Overworld NPC Sprites are now available if a DS rom is loaded.

And Much More...

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