Creating your account

You can create a new account by using the PokeMMO Account Management page. Email verification is not required.

Client setup and requirements

You can download the client via the PokeMMO Download page.

  • The PokeMMO client currently requires OpenGL 1.2+ hardware support. Please visit the Unsupported Hardware page if you are unsure if your graphics card is not supported.
  • The latest version of the Java Runtime Environment is required.
  • A Pokémon FireRed v1.0 ROM is required to play. We will not provide you with this ROM due to legal reasons.

Once you have obtained a FireRed v1.0 ROM, place the .gba in the roms folder of the extracted PokeMMO client.

  • If you are using Linux, set as Executable and use to start the game.
  • If you are using Windows, use pokemmo.exe to start the game.

OS X is supported. For ease of use, there is a guide on the forums.

For a complete list of system requirements... System Requirements.

Introduction to the game

Creating your character

When you log in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a character. Choose your character's name, your rival's name, your character's gender, and the color of your clothes.


The default controls are:

  • Arrow Key Up: Up
  • Arrow Key Left: Left
  • Arrow Key Down: Down
  • Arrow Key Right: Right
  • Z: A
  • X: B
  • F1: Hotkey 1
  • F2: Hotkey 2
  • F3: Hotkey 3
  • F4: Hotkey 4
  • F5: Hotkey 5
  • F6: Hotkey 6

You can rebind these keys by using the Settings menu, accessible via the Game Menu button in the bottom right of your screen.

You can interact with Non-Playable Characters (NPCs) by using Z and you can run by holding down X.

Ingame User Commands

See the User Commands page for more information.

Starting your journey

To start your journey, head north to Route 101. Happy hunting!

Contacting the PokeMMO staff

Client Support

If you require assistance with setting up your client, or if your client crashes, please use the Support section of the forum.

Bug Reports

PokeMMO is currently in Alpha, and we expect things to break. If you believe you have found an issue with the game, please use the Bug Reports section of the forum to report the issue.

Wiki Issues

If you feel the Wiki needs maintence in some shape or form, please contact one of the PokeMMO Wiki Administrators .


Please use the in-game FAQ window (by pressing "H" or using the Game Menu button.) for an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions.

Alternatively, check out the FAQ page.


If you would like to learn more about the world of Pokémon, we recommend Bulbapedia .