8/9/2014 a prank was pulled on Xekol by many people from Channel 1. Participants included Zehkar, SukaNekotto, iSleepyyy, KoleKelley, SagheM, and more. CM Fudnud decided to show up after the party ended.

The Story

Player Xekol hosts the pokemon "lottery". He spams Channel one channel chat saying to give him money for the pot in his lotto. Many people don't believe him so they take it as a joke. One day, Xekol went to have a smoke and told everyone to line up behind him in the flower patch in Pewter City. Of course, no one would go because most people thinks he scams.

Screenshot 1407633004

Xekol seeing all the people that showed up to buy his tickets.

Screenshot 1407633277

Xekol finding out it was all just a hoax

The Prank

Since no one would come, player Zehkar had an idea to surprise Xekol when he came back. Zehkar organized a surprise "party" for Xekol so he would think many people would come and buy his tickets. Sure enough, over 20 people came to the Pewter City flower patch. Everyone was anxious for Xekol to return from his smoke break so he would be surprised. He finally came back and was very happy. Sadly, his happiness only lasted a few seconds after player SukaNekoto said "Happy Birthday Xekol!". Xekol was now aware of the prank and the prankers stayed there for a while and had a party, later to be named Lottery Party.