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League of Eevee
League of Eevee coin logo
Team leader(s):Tizz
Date established:9/30/2012
In-game channel(s):3
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This guild was founded in Silph Co. Channel 1 on September 30th, 2012 by Quill. Its current leader is Tizz.

Its main channel is Channel 3.

The L.O.E. became part of the Indigo Consortium on November 12th, 2012. It also began allowing other Guilds to join its Guild as "Sub-Guilds".

The L.O.E. Website is located at

Latest News


Changing that last statment... we are now part of the Consortium called "Indigo Consortium". We will still be accepting sub-guilds.

11/12/12 We have now changed status from "Guild" to "Consortium". This means that we will begin accepting "Sub-Guilds" to join our ranks.


The League of Eevee guild was started on September 30th 2012 by Quill, SchiraChan, Ollietwist, Palu, and OmgArty. It was originally just a meeting of people with different types of Eeveeloutions, but as time went on, things got more organized. The group of 5 decided to organize a Guild, based on each of their Eeveeloutions.

On October 1st, Addisuns and Pinkwings were added to the guild as section leaders.

On October 16th, the Guild's temporary Headquarters had been located in Celadon City,inside the hotel with no vacancy.

Creation of the Guild Website

On October 22nd, the guild started up its own site at

Brief rivalry with Team Asteroid

On October 23rd, Team Asteroid had founded.

On October 24th, the League of Eevee allied with Team Vortex against Team Asteroid.

In the time between the alliance with Team Vortex and the League of Eevee, nothing actually happened. It was quite an uneventful rivalry, one full of nothing but nonchalance, as neither side made a move.

On October 31st, the "rivalry" ended when the Founder of the League of Eevee sought out an audience with SirUmbreon, where both had decided unanimously that there was in fact no rivalry at all.

In the end, this "feud" only lasted around 6 days, and was laid to rest on the 7th day.

Rise to Consortium status

On November 12th, 2012 the League of Eevee became part of a newly founded collaberation called the Indigo Consortium.

The newly established Indigo Consortium began accepting new Guilds into its ranks.

On the same day, a Guild called St. Eevee's Fire was founded by Tizz. The Guild primarily used a combination of Flareon-Jolteon strategies. This Guild got absorbed into the League of Eevee as one of its "sub-guilds".

A Change in Sect Leadership

On November 15th, 2012 Addisuns (Flareon Sect), OmgArty (Vaporeon Sect), OllieTwist( Umbreon sect) and Palu (Jolteon Sect) were evicted from their positions as sect leaders due to inactivity.

The positions are still open. Anyone that wants the sect leadership must apply at the Guild website.

A new Guild Leader

On November 22nd, 2012 Quill (The founder of the League of Eevee) left the Guild to focus more on college, but returned to the Guild periodically to check on progress. In his place, Tizz was elected as head of the entire Guild.

Official Guild Headquarters

Current Location:

Celadon Hotel, Channel 3

Location of the League of Eevee HQ

The house on the right.

Guild Infrastructure

The main guild is composed of 6 sections, or "sects". Each section is composed by the type of Eeveeloution held by the player.

The leader of the 6 Sects is Quill, and his "second-in-command" is SchiraChan.

On November 12th, 2012 the LOE began including "Sub-Guilds", so as to incorperate any sort of combination of Eeveeloution.

The L.O.E. is organized based upon ranks. there is a total of 8 ranks, ranging from:

1st Rank- Sect Initiate

2nd Rank- Member

3rd Rank- Eve. Trainer

4th Rank- Various Ranks (Chef, Bard, Breeder, etc.)

5th Rank- Sub-Guild Leader

6th Rank- Sect Moderator

7th Rank- Sect Leader's Second-in-Command

8th Rank- Sect Leader

List of Sects



Shadow Claw

Pokemon type: Umbreon

Leader:? N/A

Second in command: N/A

Notable Members




Pokemon type: Jolteon

Leader: N/A

Notable Members



Aqua Tail

Pokemon type: Vaporeon

Leader: N/A

Notable Members



Jewel of the Dawn

Pokemon type: Espeon

Leader: PinkWings

Notable Members



Eternal Flame

Pokemon type: Flareon

Leader: N/A

Notable Members




Pokemon type: Eevee

Leader: Arxien

Notable Members

List of Sub-Guilds

Duel-Eevee Guilds

Battle Guilds

Multimedia Guilds

Events Participated in

Current Allies

Current Rivals

How to join

Apply Here:

You will be sorted into one of the 6 subcategories.