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Team leader(s):HannibalLecter, KoraLionheart
Date established:17/09/2014
In-game channel(s):1 and 2
Forum topic:[no link]

Welcome to KingdomKeepers, a team of IRL friends and aquaintances. They are a friendly team of currently only two people based in England. Neither member has currently defeated the Elite 4.


1. Respect other members of the team

2. Don't beg for things. Ask nicely and you are more likely to receive

3. Be nice to people in the game in general. Nobody likes a jerk

4. Be ready to answer any questions anyone may have

Current Members:

Founder - HannibalLecter - 17 year old that's been playing Pokemon since it first came out. The first pokemon she chose on Pokemon Red was a Bulbasaur, but every play-through after she chose Charmander. Her favorite type of pokemon are fire and dragon types, with her favorite pokemon being Rayquaza, Darkrai, and Arceus.

Founder - KoraLionheart - 15 year old that's been playing Pokemon for slightly less time, but has still played each generation. He currently has only a Charizard on his main team, despite HannibalLecter advising him to get more.

Current Teams:

HannibalLecter - Charmeleon, Staryu, Pikachu, Dugtrio, Bellsprout and Meowth

KoraLionheart - Kora (Charizard) and Magikarp

Social Media:


HannibalLecter -

KoraLionheart -