A route connecting Mt. Moon and Cerulean City. There are two halves; the western half is the entrance to Mt. Moon, and has a Pokemon Center. The eastern half contains two Move Tutors who will teach Mega Punch and Mega Kick in exchange for a Focus Band, and leads directly to Cerulean City.


WEST: A Persim Berry hidden in the dark patch of grass between the three boulders to the left of the Pokemon Center.

EAST: A Great Ball hidden to the left of the Move Tutor hill in the blind corner between the hill and the cliff.

TM05 (Roar) in an Item Ball on a hill to the right of the Move Tutors.


Found in tall grass (east):

Name Level Time
Spearow 8,10,12 D/N
Rattata 8,10,12 D/N
Sandshrew 6, 8, 10, 12 D
Ekans 6, 8, 10, 12 N
Clefairy 10,12 (?) D/N
Jigglypuff 10,12 (?) D/N


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