An item is an object in PokéMMO which the player can pick up, keep in their Bag and use in some manner. Items have various uses, including healing, powering up, helping a player catch a Pokémon, or to access a new area.

Obtaining Items

Items are obtained in several different ways. They can be given to the player by characters within the game, be bought at a Poké Mart for money, or found by the player through PokéMMO. To obtain the item, players must move next to it and press A while facing it.

Hidden Items

Finding items on the ground is not as easy as seeing it and picking it up. Many items are hidden from view, and can only be obtained by a very lucky chance or, more commonly, through the use of an item finding tool.

Fake Items

In some indoor areas such as the Power Plant, item balls may in fact turn out to be Voltorb or Electrode, in which case interacting with them will instead initiate a battle with said Pokémon

Item Types

Throughout PokéMMO, the Bag is used to carry items. Items are then separated into categories to help with overall organization. These categories consist of:

  • General Items - Escape Ropes, Repels, Hold Items, Potions, etc.
  • Key Items - Special items that players can only obtain once, that either aid the progression of the storyline or traveling. They rarely have anything to do with the player's Pokemon and are mostly specific to the game. These types of item include Tickets, Keys, and the popular Bicycle. Key items can never be discarded, however, certain items will disappear from the player's Bag during storyline events.
  • Poké Balls - Different types of balls are all used for capturing Pokémon.
  • TMs & HMs - All move teaching devices, by which Pokémon can learn moves such as Surf, Focus Punch, and Psychic. HMs cannot be discarded.
  • Berry Pouch - Holding all berries from an Oran Berry to the valuable Lum Berry, all berries are discarded after one use on a Pokémon.
  • Cosmetics - All in-game items which you purchase with either in-game money or with donation points. Cosmetics cannot be traded.

Item storage

items that are obtained are stored in different places. Initially, when an item is obtained, it is placed in the player's Bag, in a specific pocket. Key items, HMs, and Cosmetics cannot be tossed. (No items can be "tossed" like in the handhelds at this moment in time).