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Hidden Machines, or HMs, are reusable items that can teach Pokemon moves that are primarily used for utility.

In PokeMMO, TMs, HMs and Move Tutors, are the only moves a Pokémon can learn besides their normal level-up moves.

List of HMs in PokeMMO

This list is incomplete, feel free to add.

HM Move Location Item Needed Receives HM From...
HM01 Cut S.S. Anne
HM02 Fly Route 16
HM03 Surf Safari Zone
HM04 Strength Safari Zone/Fuchsia City Gold Teeth Warden
HM05 Flash Route 2
HM06 Rock Smash Kindle Road/Ember Spa Old man between waterfalls
HM07 Waterfall
HM08 Dive

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