Team HáZé

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Team HaZe
Team leader(s):Rowman/ AshisCatchin
Date established:03/2017
In-game channel(s):2
Forum topic:[Coming Soon link]

"It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit."

Haze was created as of 3/17 by a small tight-knit group of friends. Our members consist of breeders, competitive players, casuals and more. Starting off somewhat small and will be touching tournaments/events pretty soon.


  • Rowman - Boss
  • AshisCatchin - Executive
  • Vixsyn - Executive
  • MsWicked - Executive
  • RedHeadGirl - Executive
  • AuraSphere - Commander
  • AssasanFlare - Commander
  • vuie - Commander
  • Charmart - Officer
  • KATZ - Grunt
  • Blazedude - Grunt
  • ZeroMemory - Grunt
  • Ravenchan - Grunt
  • TReedos - Grunt
  • YuiYuki - Grunt
  • MarissaAnne - Grunt
  • BossEaly - Grunt
  • KirenCarrott - Grunt
  • GokusSSGSS - Grunt

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