Paradox Of Espers Banner 1

A murder of crows, a glaring of cats, a Paradox

Of Espers....

We do not expect you to understand our motives,

but you will come to understand our power.

We are Espers,

and we are Ascending.




This is a guild for Psychic type Pokemom. We are currently looking for members and people who have a love for the psychic type.

We are in the middle of developing a Gym League of sorts consisting only of Psychic type leaders and if you are interested in becoming a part of that in addition to membership we would love to see what skills you have.

Requirements for Membership:

Must have at least 1 Psychic type Pokemon that you regularly attend to and battle with in representation of the guild.(Can be a mix type, but must at least be part Psychic.)

Must actively work to increase your rank in the guild so that we may all better our Psychic Pokemon and the bond we have with them.

Must log in at least once a week. (As much as you can is preferred.)

Must defeat the 1st Gym Leader (LVL 10-20) of our guild. (Earning you your first Paradox Badge.)

Requirements for Gym-Leader status:

Must have an appropriate level Psychic type Pokemon or multiple appropriate level Psychic type Pokemon for your Gym. (Required level will depend on which badge you will be in charge of giving out to challengers.)

Must have your main Psychic type Pokemon following you at all times (If you do not have the Heart Gold or Soul Silver ROM that is fine, this requirement does not apply to you.)

Must be available for a challenge at all times that you are playing. (We do not require you to stand in one place all the time, but if someone challenges you, you must accept the challenge.)

Once you obtain Gym leader status you must report your losses and wins to xNAOTAx or Aminur as soon as possible so that we know who has received a badge from you.

Must have a theme for your Gym. (Example: A gym leader who uses Hypno and Drowzee would be a Hypnosis themed Gym.<-Theme already in use by the Final Gym leader xNaotax.)


Listed from highest to lowest

Final Gym leader- xNAOTAx

7th Gym Leader- Aminur

6th Gym Leader- Position Open

5th Gym Leader- Position Open

4th Gym Leader- Position Open

3rd Gym Leader- Position Open

2nd Gym Leader- Position Open

1st Gym Leader- xNAOTAx (Position yet to be filled, xNAOTAx will take this place until an applicant wishing to fill it is accepted.)

Non Leader Member- (Non Leader Member sub rank will be represented by however many Paradox Badges the Member has earned.)

How to increase rank:

As a Non Leader Member, rank is increased by defeating Gym leaders until you have all 8 Paradox Badges.

Once you have obtained all 8 Paradox Badges you have the opportunity to challenge any Gym Leader of your choosing other than the Final or 7th Gym leader (Other undisclosed requirements must be met to challenge either of these.) This match will be a 6x6 LVL 50-100 Pokemon battle consisting of any pokemon of either duelists choosing, No items may be used during the battle. This match must be spectated byxNAOTAx or Aminur to be an official battle. The winner will continue to be or replace the previous Gym Leader.

Increasing rank is intended to be challenging and will be difficult, so don't be disheartened if you do not win the first time you challenge, and remember, you have a guild full of helpful players behind you to help you rise to the challenge.

Final notes and Rules:

Trading and challenging other members is encouraged to keep players involved with each other and promote friendship among members.

Every once in a while we will have meetings, tournaments for prizes, and parties to celebrate events such as updates or a members reaching the highest rank or becoming a new Gym Leader just to show our support of their accomplishment. No such event is planned as of yet.

This is a guild mainly for use as a Psychic Gym-League, but we also love to chat and help other players. Most chat will involve the discussion of Psychic types and how to bring them to their full potential, but friendliness and comradery is encouraged between members and Gym-Leaders alike.

No spamming chat, and try to keep foul language and cursing to a minimum. (We encourage freedom of speech but don't take it too far and blatantly offend people.)

If you have a problem with another member, or the way the guild or Gym-League is run or you have a suggestion on making something better, do not flame the leaders or spam hate for the creators in team chat: bring your problem to xNAOTAx or Aminur and we will address the issue as soon as possible and do our best to fix the situation.

If you would like to become an Esper or become a part of the Psychic Gym-League please whisper xNAOTAx or Aminur in game, or send an Email to and we will set up a time for you to challenge the first Gym as soon as possible.

PS: Esper is the Japanese word for Psychic..... just in case someone reading this happened to not know.