The FCNSP (Fascist-Communist National-Social Team) is a rising team of world rulers. With sheer power and strength, we will conquer Kanto and Hoenn. Everyone shall obey us! Want to be part of our group? Go to The Power Plant in the Kanto region on channel 1. It might be that no one is there. If so, contact noahdamaster1937 on skype.

Members and ranking system

Boss: NoahDaMaster

Executive: None

Commander: WalterModel

Officer: DePlezanteMan, DimitriCGNL

Grunt: None

When you join the team, you'll start as a Grunt. If you've defeated the elite four of one region, you'll become a Officer. If you've defeated both the elite fours, you'll become a Commander. When you're a Commander, you get to fight the Executive and the Boss. If you can defeat them, you'll become a Executive yourself.

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