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Evolution banner thumb
Team leader(s):DoctorPBC, Amanu and Mcdonalds
Date established:02/17/2013
In-game channel(s):not specified
Forum topic:link

Welcome to Evolution, a group of competitive battlers and part time shiny collecters. We came into existence after deciding to part ways with our former team Rain, Since then we have grown recruiting members from our old team and others who have proved themselves worthy of joining our ranks. We are focused on maintaining our status as one of the premier competitive teams in PokeMMO.

Evolution is a team that prides itself on being the best, we are home to the very best battlers PokeMMO has to offer. Our members have all proven themselves capable battlers and our accomplishments in-game and through tournaments are a perfect example of this. As a result of this we are continually targeted by other lesser teams and players, which in turn boosts our reputation throughout PokeMMO. One of our team goals is to finally put our money were our mouth is and win a team tournament.

Mega mewtwo

Mega Mewtwo, the unofficial Mascot for EV after becoming the first legendary to evolve

Our team accomplishments vary, we have had wins in gimmicky tournaments such as the Monotype Mashup all the way to the official Masters Invitational Brawl. EV has seen success on every front of PokeMMO aside from Team Tournaments, this is due in part to pure luck and steep competition each month from teams such as MISC, CB, TWL and VVVV. Its teams like this we have a deep respect for and expect a tough time each time.

EV isn't all about the competitive side of PokeMMO, we also have a bunch of avid shiny collecters who do competitive on the side. Our team holds some of the rarest shinies in the game, including Shiny Blastoise (Donatello shout out), Shiny Quilfish, Shiny Chansey and more.

Leaders: McDonalds (current), DoctorPBC, Amanu

Officers: yWreck, RaiOh, Jingor


Lanmandragon zixmarquiz Aralan GodPower Oujo Joeisbest Robinhoodd Crimzn Chinook iPodBR TheTrooper Sveniboy (the teams artist) MrMars Flexxo DonkeyXoTe MIHAWKEYE CatPHD ShonoMcD JSwanny ArmyZ SingedJunior (the teams noob) Rilleh (the other noob)

for membership information, our tournament stats, and access to our teams Hall of Fame visit our team page at the round table on


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