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Dragon Dominion
Dragon Dominion
Team leader(s):KittyWittty, JibbyWibby, OwlZFc
Date established:not specified
In-game channel(s):7
Forum topic:[no link]

       The Dragon Dominion is a friendly guild inhabiting Channel 7. Each member, upon entering, will be given a choice of a "starter". The current "starters" are Horsea, Dratini, and Gyarados. Within the guild, there are different "ranks", and do obtain a higher rank, members must participate in Guild activities. Attending the activities are optional, but higher ranking members recieve more benefits, such as assisstance with obtaining evolved forms of other Pokemon, especially ones that require items, such as Scizor, Kingdra, Slowking, Politoed, Steelix, and many more!


Initiate - Assisstance with information, and with obtaining common items.

Adept - Assisstance with non-item Pokemon evolution.

Acolyte - Is allowed a small say on matters such as events.

Tamer - Will be given assisstance with capturing and leveling Pokemon.

Warrior - Warriors are as the rank implies, they have been proven through combat.

Master - Masters recieve assisstance with Item-Based Pokemon evolution, because they have earned the trust of the higher-ups.

Co-Leader - Co-Leaders are pretty much assisstants to the Leaders. They have some say in things like events and item distribution.

Leader - Leaders carry a major role in the dominion, they get a say in most things that happen, and are more or less "Moderators" of the guild. They can decide who stays and who goes.

Founder - Highest rank that can be obtained. Founders are the best in the Dominion. They get a high priority in everything from events, to items.

       When a tamer reaches a certain point with their chosen starter, they will be offered to battle a higher-ranking member of the Dominion, if they knock out at least 3 of the higher-up's Pokemon, they will be granted the rank of Warrior. From there on, everything is smooth sailing. Members are encouraged to battle each other to practice strategies and test out Pokemon.


1. Members are expected to respect one another, jokingly insulting each other is fine, but flame wars will NOT be tolerated.

2. Begging is a bad idea, it can get you kicked out of the Dominion. Ask once, the answer you get is final. (No begging includes: items, evolution help, ranks, etc.)

3. Be kind to everyone, not just fellow members. The Dominion does not need to be known as a group of rowdy people.

4. Be ready to answer the questions of other players, and Dominion members. Telling someone to "Google it" is a bad answer.

5. We follow the classic "Three strikes you're out". Try to be a bit careful, because we write stuff down.

Current list of members:

Founder - JibJib

Founder - Electric Bolt

Founder - OwlZFc

Initiate - renaxz

Initiate - Snowjob

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The Prøfessors, Team Mystic, Team Instinct, Team Valor

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