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Cult of Kawaii
Team leader(s):not specified
Date established:November 14th 2012
In-game channel(s):8
Forum topic:[no link]

The Cult of Kawaii is a gathering of trainers who are way too frickin sugoi for the rest of Kanto to handle.

Our guild dream is to be the very best.

And maybe then senpai will finally notice us.

(ノ ・∀・) ノ .:*・°☆ :*・°☆ desu


  • bluebadger
  • hoppipolla
  • derarc
  • mlm
  • forev
  • justinc
  • rarebit
  • acetrainersam
  • PKMNeater
Im gomen

sorry in advance to everyone who isn't a CoK member