How It Came To Be

In the glorious year of two thousand and thirteen, a chauvinistic cowboy by the name of Arid, courted a young Roman lad named Pryce. Arid had been harboring his love of Pryce for quite some time, although he was too ashamed to admit it. Then it happened, Pryce and Arid were alone in a room together, and Pryce asked Arid the question every man wants to hear "Hey man, can I give you a reach around?" And the rest is history.


Arid and Pryce attempted to become the first male/male couple to ever conceive a child through sex. Together, they bore a daughter, named Trusty. Trusty became the flower girl at Pryce and Rachel's straight marriage. Trusty also happens to be the son of xrosetea, thus making him the first person to have 3 biological parents.