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Team leader(s):Chrezz, Conversion, DonQue, JarlSnow, Lizzandra and Thullemus
Date established:2nd of May 2013
In-game channel(s):1
Forum topic:[no link]

Anthropomorphism [ATPM] is a team in PokeMMO, which was established the 2nd of May 2013. The original founders of ATPM are the following players:

  • Chrezz
  • Conversion
  • DonQue
  • JarlSnow
  • Lizzandra
  • Thullemus
    ATPM 2


These players are also friends in real life.


The six founders above were all familiar with the universe of Pokémon before joining PokeMMO . About a week before the establishment the 2nd of May 2013, all founders contributed with various names for a unique team. Anthropomorphism had the most support and was selected. The word itself refers to an object or an animal with human features - just like Pokémons.