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The Core Team

ALPHA== We Are Alpha 

Advance League of Players Hoping to do Alot

We were formed on November 26 2013

The Team

Ratchetboy - Leader

Freelancer moslty uses fire-type pokemon


Strong freelancer who has a well developed team to counter anything, and my greatest Rival


Was a noob but now a powerful water-type pokemon user RecLongrith

MASTER of WATER pokemon and the 4th gym leader


Ground type expert

2nd gym leader

Leaders will be added as they join and is subjected to change since its still, in develope men


We are the ALPHA Gym

Everyone's welcome to try and crush us and work you way to the leader, Ratchetboy

All the core members are gym leaders with a lvl limit of 50 for each pokemon

Gym positions are still being sorted


Ratchetboy can be found near the game corner in Celadon

We're always in channel 2


Email Ratchetboy at and subject it as "pokemmo: or he wont respond and we'll make you member and maybe give you a gym position. Depending on your reputation


there will be a tournament on November 20

the prize will be a lucky egg

held in random loctains Pokemon lvl minimum is 30 3 on 3

Gym listing

1st leader = RexLongorith LEVEL min and MAX 23

2nd leader = NotAble LVL minmax 27

3rd leader = ??

4th leader = Dysarnate LVL min and max 40

5th leader =

6th leader = 

7th leader = 

8th leader = Ratchetboy lvl minmax 70