☽~Our History~☾

Moonlight Sonata was created by GoddessAurora who wished to create a guild which is like a family who help each other out in times of need, not stressing out on the fact of becoming the best there is but instead just enjoying themselves in what they find fun.

However, due to unfortunate circumstances, Aurora became unactive. So, guild members and an allied guild leader nominated two members for a co-leadership: Umbrae and Censored.

Being nominated as leaders of Moonlight Sonata, Umbrae and Censored hope to continue GoddessAurora's ambition and keep the guild like a family.

Click if you want to join us at Moonlight Sonata:


Here is a current list of the members of Moonlight Sonata:


  1. GoddessAurora - Creator and Co-Leader [RIP]
  2. Umbrae - Co-Leader [RIP]
  3. Censored - Co-Leader [RIP]
  4. Gerthal -Officer
  5. Wrig 
  6. BlindmanBill
  7. TheGreatWaffles 
  8. Gandledorf  - Senior Officer
  9. MildyCold 
  10. Tetz - Officer
  11. Cydrazer
  12. Deshar - Leader
  13. Elyaran - Senior Officer
  14. GrimlockHwn
  15. DarkJelly
  16. BryanFirered
  17. PhilipStone
  18. Alliei
  19. Farmacum
  20. Bomrin
  21. DarkQueen
  22. motork
  23. Drspoon
  24. NupharLutea
  25. Cieli
  26. Dayst
  27. Mford
  28. McMurphy
  29. wartooth
  30. DawnDark
  31. SidZicous - Officer
  32. HeadGamer
  33. Lios
  34. Leinar
  35. Jumwes
  36. rosexaddict
  37. Chuggernaut
  38. Coryell
  39. CapinZac
  40. FushigiHero
  41. thessbbzocker
  42. Ryzz
  43. Frightful
  44. pokeCROmaster
  45. RawPower

Moonlight Four

This is something like the Elite Four but Moonlight style x3!  Every Week we will have a competition on Saturday to see who  are the top four trainers in the guild!

How it works:

Every Saturday  at 10 PM GMT* all members of the guild who wish to participate in the "Moonlight Four" Tournament will meet up at Lavender Town on Channel 4, the names will be taken and put into a tournament bracket randomly. The tournament is single elimination, you are allowed up to 6 Pokemon up to the lvl of 50. We are cuurently testing a double-elimination, 4v4, lvl. 50

tournameent style.

The Rules:

  • Lvl 50 Pokes Only
  • You can have up to 4 Pokemon
  • No Broken/Bugged moves
  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Only 3 defensive Pokemon (Tanks/Walls)**

Current Moonlight Four:

  • RapidStart, SidZicious, Deshar, and pimittens - Week 15

Past Moonlight Four:

  • Gerthal, Censored, Odjing and Deshar - Week 1
  • Gerthal, Elaryan, Deshar, and Censored - Week 2
  • Elaryan, Gerthal, Deshar, and Censored - Week 3
  • Gerhal, Censored, Elaryan, and Farmacum - Week 4
  • Gerthal, LucyV, Censored, and Deshar - Week 5
  • Gerthal, Censored, LucyV, and Deshar - Week 6
  • Gerthal, Censored, Deshar, and Farmacum - Week 7 
  • Gerthal, Deshar, Censored, and DawnDark - Week 8
  • Censored, Elaryan, AbelV and Coryell - Week 9
  • Coryell, Censored, Elaryan, and McMurphy - Week 10
  • McMurphy, SidZicious, Deshar, and CapinZac - Week 11
  • SidZicious, Elaryan, Gandledorf, and Coryell - Week 12
  • Gandledorf, Deshar, CapinZac, and Tetz - Week 13
  • SidZicioius, Gandledorf, Deshar, and CapinZac - Week 14

Hall of Fame:

Here are the members of Moonlight Sonata who have set important milestones in the guilds history:

  • GoddessAurora - Creator of Moonlight Sonata
  • Gerthal, Censored, Odjing, and Deshar - The First Moonlight Four
  • Gethal - Highest Moonlight Champion Streak(5)

Guild Hangout

  • Feeling lonely? Check out Lavendar Town, Ch. 4! It's the place we call home!

Allied Guilds

We are currently allied with:

  • Team Mystery</li></li>
  • Team Bushido</li></li>
  • Kanto Elites

    Information may change in the future.

    </li> </li>

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